The Top 10 Contractor Management Software Solutions for Your Business

The Top 10 Contractor Management Software Solutions for Your Business

Are you often buried under a mountain of paperwork or struggling to keep track of contracts, deadlines, and communication with your contractors? Well, you’re not alone.

Achieving effective contractor management is undoubtedly a complex task. However, thanks to the rise of innovative tools & solutions, you can easily transform the way you handle your contractor relationships.

So, in this blog post, we’ll be exploring 10 top contractor management software solutions that will boost your productivity & ensure project success.

1. Worksuite


Source: Worksuite

Worksuite is a comprehensive contractor management software designed to simplify your entire process of recruiting, onboarding, managing, and paying contractors.

This platform integrates seamlessly with your preferred apps and provides 24-hour live support to ensure smooth business operations.

With Worksuite, you can also track project progress and re-engage top contractors based on internal feedback and rankings.

Key features

  • Allows you to create customized onboarding workflows to automate the collection of essential documents like NDAs, ID verification, background checks, and financial information
  • Facilitates fast global payments to contractors in over 180 countries.
  • Provides powerful workforce analytics
  • Lets you organize your contractors based on availability, location, services, skills, rates, custom filters, and more
  • Offers easy invoice management
  • Allows you to track, manage, and grow your contractor talent pool with its searchable database
  • Helps you track milestones & approve timesheets


  • Core: Pricing on request
  • Plus: Pricing on request
  • Enterprise: Pricing on request

A free trial is available.

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2. Deel


Source: Deel

This next contract management software offers a wide range of features and tools to address various aspects of global workforce management.

The platform helps businesses stay compliant with regulations by collecting and managing tax, permit, and compliance documents required for each team member.

It also allows you to create & sign airtight localized agreements that adhere to local laws, so you can protect your business from unnecessary risks.

Key features

  • Automates invoicing, expenses, time off, and more
  • Offers with 15+ global payment options in 200 currencies
  • Lets you automatically collect local tax agreements
  • Provides you with locally compliant contracts and guidance on local laws
  • Allows you to run effective background checks
  • Offers integrations with accounting, human resources, and hiring tools


  • Deel HR: Free
  • Contractors: Starts at $49/month
  • EOR: Starts at $599/month
  • Global Payroll: Custom
  • Immigration: Custom

You can request a demo to try Deel for free.

3. Remote


Source: Remote

Remote offers a one-stop solution for hiring, managing, and paying employees and contractors globally.

The platform simplifies the complexities of international HR by handling local payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance, ensuring that employees and contractors feel secure regardless of their location.

Plus, Remote provides best-in-class local benefits for your remote team, including health insurance, pension and 401(k) plans, and PTO/sick leave management.

Key features

  • Allows you to create, edit, and sign tailored, localized contracts
  • Provides streamlined payroll management, allowing you to run payroll, calculate salaries, and manage tax deductions
  • Facilitates time & attendance tracking
  • Aids employee self-service
  • Offers global talent, expenses & benefits management
  • Provides insights & reports


  • Free
  • Contractor Management: $29/contractor/month
  • Employer of Record: Starts at $599/month
  • Global Payroll: $50/employee/month

A free trial of the Contractor Management plan is available.

4. Papaya


Source: Papaya

One of the best contractor management software, Papaya facilitates the onboarding, management, and payment processes for contractors worldwide.

Papaya offers automated global payroll technology with AI-based engines for enhanced payroll accuracy, compliance, and security.

It allows contractors to submit invoices in dedicated portals, generate digital invoices instantly, and seamlessly integrate with preferred accounting tools.

Key features

  • Allows you to fund wallets in 12 currencies and pay locally in 160+ locations
  • Lets you manage payments and invoicing for your global contractors
  • Gives you access to valuable insights into contractor spending
  • Integrates with supported HRIS systems like BambooHR & NetSuite
  • Provides contract management
  • Offers an employee app for self-service


  • Contractor Management: $2/contractor/month
  • Employer of Record: Starts at $650/employee/month
  • Global Expertise Services: $190/employee/month

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5. Oyster


Source: Oyster

Oyster is a global contractor management solution that lets you easily hire and manage talent across borders.

It offers a centralized dashboard, which acts as a single source of truth for managing invoices, payments, and other contractual terms across multiple locations.

Oyster also integrates with various tools, giving you the flexibility to connect the platform with your preferred systems.

Key features

  • Allows you to generate compliant contracts in 180+ countries
  • Lets you pay invoices to contractors in 140+ currencies
  • Provides a unified platform to manage expenses, allowances, time off, and reports
  • Allows you to onboard contractors in mere minutes
  • Gives you access to rich, location-specific insights on salary, equity, and benefits, so you can build and launch your own rewards strategy to stay competitive
  • Has a Talent Network to help you find and hire global talent


  • Contractor: Free for the first 30 days, then $29/contractor/month
  • Employee: Starts at $599/month ($499/month billed annually)
  • Scale: Custom

6. Multiplier


Source: Multiplier

This next contractor management software provides robust services related to global employment, payroll, compliance, and benefits administration.

It helps businesses like yours expand their global teams rapidly and compliantly by offering solutions tailored to different use cases, company sizes, and roles within an organization.

Key features

  • Allows you to create multilingual & regionally compliant employment contracts in minutes
  • Lets you process payroll in over 120 currencies 
  • Offers invoice, expense, and leave management
  • Facilitates easier employee onboarding in 150+ countries
  • Allows you to reward your global employees with bonuses and other allowances
  • Provides a contractor assessment tool


  • Independent Contractors: Starts from $40/month
  • Employer of Record: Starts from $400/month
  • Global Payroll: Custom
  • Immigration: Custom

7. Rippling


Source: Rippling

Rippling offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that will help you handle contractors and full-time employees regardless of their location.

The platform allows you to integrate contractor data with full-time employee data to create a unified directory for streamlined reporting.

It covers the entire contractor lifecycle, from easy onboarding to instant offboarding that closes out contractor files, sends necessary documents, and revokes access to apps and accounts.

Key features

  • Offers a Workflow Studio that lets you automate your manual processes
  • Provides integrations with HR, finance, and IT tools
  • Generates 1099 tax forms
  • Lets you access valuable global workforce analytics
  • Enables automatic payroll processing
  • Offers vacation and leave management
  • Provides advanced document & policy management


  • Starts at $8/month/user. You can request a free quote for the services you’d like to use.

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8. Plane (formerly known as Pilot)

Plane (formerly known as Pilot)

Source: Plane

This robust, cloud-based platform that effortlessly manages the process of hiring, onboarding, and paying employees and contractors.

Plane’s HRIS (human resources information system) features provide visibility into your entire team, enabling easier onboarding, PTO tracking, and easier access to team data for custom reports.

Key features

  • Facilitates payments in 240+ countries in 70+ local currencies
  • Allows you to hire employees in 100+ countries
  • Generates locally compliant contracts
  • Offers immigration assistance
  • Stores your team members’ data in a central location
  • Allows you to customize your payroll workflows


  • US Employees: $19/employee/month
  • International Contractors: $39/contractor/month
  • International Employees: $499/employee/month

You can also request a demo for all plans.

9. Globalization-Partners (G-P)

Globalization-Partners (G-P)

Source: G-P

With its self-serve portal, G-P allows you to easily hire and pay contractors in over 180 countries. The tool provides real-time tracking and transparency, so you can manage contracting and invoicing with automated processes.

Plus, G-P lets you track payments, pay multiple invoices, and generate custom reports for actionable operational insights.

Key features

  • Provides advanced insights, analysis, and expertise to help you make informed business decisions
  • Integrates with multiple payroll and HR tools
  • Allows flexible global payments in your desired currency
  • Offers contracting & invoicing management
  • Provides custom reports from contractor data
  • Lets you create compliant contracts


  • On request.

10. YunoJuno


Source: YunoJuno

This all-in-one platform aims to help companies around the world efficiently source, onboard, manage, and pay contractors & freelancers.

It facilitates quick contractor onboarding with background checks, classification, and automated contracts.

Plus, YunoJuno gives you access to real-time reporting on the amount of money you’ve spent across your entire contractor workforce.

Key features

  • Offers seamless contractor onboarding
  • Lets you create custom contracts and payment workflows
  • Provides real-time data reporting
  • Integrates with 15+ tools, including Slack and NetSuite
  • Offers an advanced matching solution to help you find the best contractor for your project
  • Allows global independent contractor payments in 150+ countries
  • Helps you conduct comprehensive background checks


  • YunoJuno Talent Pool: Pay as you go. You’ll be charged a 12% fee on top of the rates you pay your contractors
  • YunoJuno Management System: Pay as you go. You’ll be charged a fee (which starts from 4%) on top of the rates you pay your contractors
  • YunoJuno Plus: Custom

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