Ajay Yadav, a first-generation immigrant entrepreneur and angel investor, has received recognition from notable sources such as Forbes, CNN, HuffPost, and TechCrunch.

Born in India, Ajay relocated to suburban Pennsylvania when he was 17. He learned English and experienced a harsh winter in only a denim jacket. After hearing that success could be found in New York, he decided to move there just six months later, finding an apartment on Craigslist.

Ajay pursued side projects and businesses during college instead of attending lectures like his peers. One of his ventures was a digital classifieds site called EzeeAdvertise, designed specifically for the Indian market. With no outside support, he managed to make the business financially viable.

Ajay’s next project was an online roommate-finding app called Roomi. Venturing beyond the classroom, he led Roomi to raise over 20 million dollars and attract over 3 million users. Throughout this journey, Ajay gained valuable insights on leading teams, generating revenue, and learning from his experiences to become a well-rounded leader.

Dedicated to creating tools that connect people in today’s remote-focused world, Ajay was honored in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017 for his achievements in consumer technology. Motivated by the determination of immigrant, women, and BIPOC entrepreneurs, he began investing in companies like Coffee Meets Bagel, Doorvest, Simplified, and Squire, while also advising minority-led startups.

Currently, Ajay has co-founded Simplified, a comprehensive marketing software that combines content creation, collaboration, and publishing tools into one application. As a content creator, he knows the effort required to create and publish content. Simplified, powered by AI, aims to help creators produce more content, reduce costs, and grow their businesses more efficiently.