10 Best Meeting Management Software for Productive Teams in 2024 [Free & Paid]

10 Best Meeting Management Software for Productive Teams in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Is your business having innovative ideas but struggling to keep their meetings productive?

Or meetings that drag on with unclear agendas, and action items that get lost in the shuffle?

This scenario is all too common, but there’s a solution: the right meeting management software.

In 2024, the need for streamlined communication and effective meeting management has become more crucial than ever. Therefore, budding entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors looking to streamline their operations and ensure effective meeting management should prioritize good meeting tools.

We’ll explore the top 10 meeting management software tools of 2024, offering both free and paid options. These tools are designed to transform your meetings from time-consuming to time-saving.

Let’s dive in and find out which tool can turn your meeting chaos into productive harmony.

10 Best Tools for Managing Meetings in 2024

When selecting meeting management software for startups and small businesses, it’s crucial to find tools that not only enhance efficiency and productivity but are also tailored to the unique needs of smaller teams. Our top picks are based on five factors including, efficiency and productivity, cost-effectiveness, features and functionalities, user-friendliness and integration capabilities.

1. Fellow


Fellow is a software tool designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity by streamlining meeting management, action item tracking, and providing features for feedback and performance reviews.

Key Features

  • AI Meeting Copilot for productivity.
  • AI Recordings and Transcription.
  • AI Smart Summaries.
  • Searchable notes, 1-on-1s, meeting notes.
  • Integrations with popular platforms like Google Calendar, Office 365, Slack, Jira, Asana, Zapier.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: $0 for teams of up to 10 people.
  • Pro: $7 per user per month (billed annually), for teams of up to 25 people.
  • Business: $10 per user per month (billed annually), starting at 10 users.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, contact for details.

2. Clearooms


Clearooms is a room booking software designed to streamline the process of reserving meeting spaces in an office or business environment.

Key Features

  • Booking system for desks and meeting rooms.
  • Customizable social distancing rules.
  • Integration with Google and Outlook.
  • Optional health questionnaire prior to booking.
  • Mobile and web-based booking, always synchronized.

Pricing Plans

  • 30-day no commitment free trial available.
  • Plan 0: 1-5 Desks – $30 per month.
  • Plan 1: 6-19 Desks – $70 per month.
  • Plan 2: 20-49 Desks – $110 per month.
  • Plan 3: 50-99 Desks – $170 per month.
  • Plan 4: 100-199 Desks – $290 per month.
  • Plan 5: 200-499 Desks – $500 per month.
  • Plan 6: 500-999 Desks – $900 per month.
  • Meeting Rooms: $13.50 per room.

3. Zoom


Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool used globally for virtual meetings, webinars, and collaborative projects. Known for its ease of use, it facilitates both mobile and desktop-based meetings, catering to a broad range of communication needs.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based video conferencing capabilities.
  • Virtual background options for personalized meeting experiences.
  • Integration with various productivity and collaboration tools.
  • High-definition video and audio quality.
  • Features for hosting webinars and large virtual events.
  • Robust security features including meeting encryption and password protection.
  • Screen sharing, chat, and recording options.


  • Basic: Free with 40-minute limit on group meetings.
  • Pro: $149.90/year/license, ideal for small teams.
  • Business: $199.90/year/license (minimum of 10 licenses), for small to medium businesses.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, suitable for large enterprises with additional features like unlimited cloud storage.

4. Slido


Slido is an interactive audience engagement tool used in meetings, webinars, and conferences. It enhances participation through real-time polling, Q&A sessions, and quizzes, making it ideal for engaging audiences in various settings.

Key Features

  • Real-time polling and live Q&A capabilities.
  • Interactive and gamified live quiz sessions.
  • Customizable branding and privacy settings.
  • Anonymous feedback, comments, and voting.
  • Analytics to track audience engagement and insights.


  • Basic: Free, includes basic interaction features.
  • Engage: $12 per month ($144 annually), with additional engagement features.
  • Professional: $60 per month ($720 annually), includes all Engage features plus more.
  • Enterprise: $200 per month ($2400 annually), designed for large-scale use.
  • One-time event pricing is also available, with rates ranging from $49 to $999 per event depending on the plan.
  • Educational pricing is available with discounts.

5. Vidyard


Vidyard is a comprehensive video platform tailored for business needs, providing tools for video hosting, analytics, and content management. It’s particularly suited for asynchronous communication, leveraging video for sales, marketing, and corporate communication.

Key Features

  • Easy video recording and sharing capabilities.
  • AI-powered script generator for creating sales scripts.
  • Integration with CRM platforms and productivity tools.
  • Advanced video analytics for tracking viewer engagement.
  • Customizable branding and security options for videos.
  • Video editing and AI-generated captions for accessibility.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: $0, includes basic features like 25 videos in your library, video editing, and AI script generator.
  • Pro: $19/month (billed annually at $228 or monthly at $29), offers unlimited videos and additional features like real-time viewer insights.
  • Plus: $59/user/month (billed annually at $708 or monthly at $89), includes everything in Pro plus full video analytics and team performance analytics.
  • Business: Custom pricing, offers advanced features like CRM/MAP integration and fully customizable CTAs.

6. Chilli Piper

Chilli Piper

Chilli Piper is a sophisticated scheduling software designed for B2B revenue teams. It specializes in optimizing scheduling and routing for sales and customer success teams, streamlining the process of booking and managing meetings.

Key Features

  • Instant scheduling and routing of meetings via email.
  • Integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRM tools.
  • Advanced routing based on CRM or custom rules.
  • No-show and cancellation management.
  • Real-time lead qualification and meeting routing.

Pricing Plans

  1. Instant Booker: $15/user/month (yearly) or $22.5/user/month (monthly).
  2. Handoff: $25/user/month (yearly) or $37.5/user/month (monthly).
  3. Form Concierge (including Concierge Live): $30/user/month (yearly) or $45/user/month (monthly) plus a tiered platform fee based on monthly lead volume.
  4. Distro: $30/user/month (yearly) or $45/user/month (monthly).

7. Geekbot


Geekbot is a digital assistant that integrates with team communication platforms like Slack to facilitate asynchronous stand-up meetings, team check-ins, and task management. It’s designed to improve team efficiency and transparency, especially in remote and distributed working environments.

Key Features

  • Automated stand-up meeting facilitation within Slack.
  • Customizable question templates for different types of check-ins.
  • Analytics and reporting on team progress and activities.
  • Supports asynchronous communication, accommodating different time zones.
  • Integration with Slack for seamless team communication.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Offer: Geekbot is free for up to 10 participants.
  • Standard Plan: $3 per user per month.
  • Annual Discount: $2.50 per user per month when paid annually.

8. Whereby


Whereby is a user-friendly video conferencing platform known for its simplicity and ease of use. It allows for browser-based video conferencing without the need for downloads or installations, making it convenient for quick meetings and collaborations.

Key Features

  • Browser-based video conferencing with no downloads required.
  • Customizable meeting rooms and branding options.
  • Integration with productivity tools for enhanced collaboration.
  • Features for hosting large meetings with up to 200 participants.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: No cost, includes 1 room, 100 attendees per meeting, unlimited 1-on-1 meetings, and group meetings up to 45 minutes.
  • Pro: $6.99 per month, includes everything in Free plus 3 rooms, no time limit on group meetings, unlimited recording, and custom branding.
  • Business: $9.99 per month per host (starting at 3 hosts), includes everything in Pro plus unlimited rooms, 200 attendees per meeting, shared and flex rooms, and custom subdomain.

9. nTask


nTask is a comprehensive project management software that offers a range of features for task management, meeting management, issue tracking, time tracking, and risk management. It’s designed for teams and individuals who need an efficient way to manage projects and tasks.

Key Features

  • Project management with Gantt charts and Kanban boards.
  • Task management with unlimited tasks and workspaces.
  • Meeting management, time tracking, and timesheet reporting.
  • Issue tracking and risk management features.
  • Integration with popular tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, and Zoom.

Pricing Plans

  • Premium Plan: $3 per user per month, billed yearly. Suitable for individuals or teams just getting started with project management.
  • Business Plan: $8 per user per month, billed yearly. For teams needing to create projects and plans confidently.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, contact for details.

10. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-communication platform developed by Google, part of the Google Workspace suite. It’s widely used for secure business meetings and offers a straightforward platform for remote team interactions with minimal setup.

Key Features

  • High-quality video and audio conferencing.
  • Screen sharing and live captioning for accessibility.
  • Integration with Google Workspace tools (like Calendar, Drive, and Gmail).
  • Secure meetings with anti-abuse measures and encryption.


  • Business starter: $6/user/month; 1 year commitment
  • Business standard: $12/user/month; 1 year commitment
  • Business plus: $18/user/month; 1 year commitment
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

In conclusion, selecting the ideal meeting management software is a strategic decision for professionals and teams, especially in startups and small businesses. The tools we’ve discussed today offer a way to organize meetings; they are gateways to enhanced productivity, better team collaboration, and ultimately, a more successful business operation.

Each software comes packed with unique features tailored to streamline your meeting processes, foster effective communication, and ensure that every meeting translates into tangible outcomes. Remember, the efficiency of your meetings can significantly impact your business’s overall performance.

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