160+ ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT prompts for Marketing.

  1. Can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about [topic of your choice]?
  2. Write a minute-long script for an advertisement about [product or service or company]
  3. Write a product description for my [product or service or company]
  4. Suggest inexpensive ways I can promote my [company] with/without using [Media channel]
  5. How can I obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of [Website name]
  6. Make 5 distinct CTA messages and buttons for [Your product]
  7. Create a [social media] campaign plan for launching an [your product], aimed at [ Your target audience]
  8. Analyze these below metrics to improve email open rates for a fashion brand <paste metrics>
  9. Write follow-up emails to people who attended my [webinar topic] webinar
  10. Structure a weekly [newsletter topic] newsletter
  11. Make a post showcasing the benefits of using our product [product name] for [specific problem/issue].
  12. Generate 5 creative ways to use Instagram Reels for [your product or service or company]
  13. Create a social media post that targets [the specific audience] and explains how our product [product name] can help them.
  14. Create a personalized email greeting for a VIP customer
  15. Write a list of 5 YouTube video ideas for [your product or company]
  16. Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “Your product”.
  17. Write a 100-character meta description for my blog post about <topic

ChatGPT prompts for Business.

  1. Analyze the current state of <industry> and its trends, challenges, and opportunities, including relevant data and statistics. Provide a list of key players and a short and long-term industry forecast, and explain any potential impact of current events or future developments.
  2. Offer a detailed review of a <specific software or tool> for <describe your business>.
  3. Offer an in-depth analysis of the current state of small business legislation and regulations and their impact on entrepreneurship.
  4. Offer a comprehensive guide to small business financing options, including loans, grants, and equity financing.
  5. Provide a guide on managing finances for a small business, including budgeting, cash flow management, and tax considerations.
  6. Provide a guide on networking and building partnerships as a small business owner.
  7. I want to create an agenda for a meeting about<Meeting info> with my team. Can you give me some examples of what should be included?
  8. I need to write an email to a client regarding a change in the project timeline. Can you give me some guidance on how to phrase it?
  9. To increase the number of Instagram posts, please develop a product roadmap for Instagram’s story.
  10. Write an in-depth analysis of the current state of a specific industry and its potential for small business opportunities.
  11. I need to prepare a presentation for a potential investor on <presentation topic>. Can you give me some guidance on what to include?

ChatGPT prompts for Content.

  1. I need help developing a lesson plan on renewable energy sources for high school students.
  2. Generate a creative social media content calendar for the next month for our [company or product] on [ topic of choice]
  3. Generate a 2-minute video script for a Facebook ad campaign promoting our new service [ Service description]
  4. Write a blog post on the [topic of your choice]
  5. Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “your company” Explain why the ads would make a good test.
  6. Write a case study detailing <Topic of your choice>
  7. Develop an appealing and inventive screenplay for a film that can fascinate its audience. Get going by devising compelling characters, the setting of the plot, and dialogues between the characters. Once you’re done building your characters – devise a thrilling narrative full of unforeseen events to keep audiences entranced until the very finish
  8. Write a comprehensive guide to [topic].
  9. Write an email to [person] with some facts about [Topic of your choice] with a[theme of your choice]
  10. Generate a list of 5 LinkedIn articles to write for a [profession or topic of your choice]
  11. What factors should I consider when quoting for a brand deal with a candle company, and what ballpark range should I charge? The scope is to post 3 videos on TikTok, and I have 100,000 followers
  12. Provide a guide on networking and building partnerships as a small business owner
  13. Create a content calendar with six blog titles, including the keyword <paste text here>. Pick suitable publishing dates for each guide spread across May 2023.

ChatGPT prompts for Web Development.

  1. Develop an architecture and code for a <website description> website with JavaScript.
  2. Help me find mistakes in the following code <paste code below>.
  3. I want to implement a sticky header on my website. Can you provide an example of how to do that using CSS and JavaScript?
  4. Please continue writing this code for JavaScript <post code below>
  5. I need to create a REST API endpoint for my web application. Can you provide an example of how to do that using Node.js and Express?
  6. Find the bug with this code: <post code below>
  7. I want to implement server-side rendering for my React application. Can you provide an example of how to do that using Next.js?
  8. Provide a UX design tip I can share on LinkedIn.
  9. Assume the table names and generate an SQL code to find out Elon Musk’s tweets from 2019.
  10. What exactly does this regex do? rege(x(es)?|xps?).
  11. Write a docstring for the following function <paste function below>.
  12. I’m making a website for a small business [Business description]. I need ideas on how to structure the website using WordPress.
  13. Generate a list of 10 relevant skills and experiences for a web developer job application.

ChatGPT prompts for Education.

  1. Create a magical system that emphasizes education and is based on [topic of your choice].
  2. Teach me the <topic of your choice> and give me a quiz at the end, but don’t give me the answers and then tell me if I answered correctly.
  3. Describe <topic of your choice> in detail.
  4. Create a YAML template to detect the Magento version for the Nuclei vulnerability scanner.
  5. Can you provide a summary of a specific historical event?
  6. Can you give me an example of how to solve a [Problem statement]?
  7. Write a paper outlining the topic [Topic of your choice] in chronological order.
  8. I need help understanding how probability works.
  9. I need help uncovering facts about the early 20th-century labor strikes in London.
  10. I need help providing an in-depth reading for a client interested in career development based on their birth chart.
  11. Please provide a definition for the medical term ‘tachycardia’.
  12. Come up with 10 ways to improve memory and recall while studying for exams.
  13. Suggest 10 Chrome extensions for students designed to improve productivity while studying.

ChatGPT prompts for resume

  1. Create bullet points for my most recent [insert job title] role that showcases my achievements and impact.
  2. Generate a summary that emphasizes my unique selling points and sets me apart from other candidates.
  3. Create a summary that conveys my passion for [insert industry/field] and my career aspirations.
  4. Create bullet points highlighting my experience managing [insert relevant task, e.g., budgets, teams, etc.]
  5. Please review my resume and suggest any improvements or edits.
  6. What are some common mistakes job seekers make in their resumes?
  7. Write CV bullet points with a quantifiable matrix for [X role]
  8. Create a thank you an email template to send after the interview

ChatGPT prompts for Teachers.

  1. Create a list of 5 types of data that teachers can collect to monitor student learning and progress.
  2. Create a quiz with 5 multiple choice questions that assess students’ understanding of [concept being taught].
  3. Construct a model essay on social discrimination that surpasses all the requirements for an ‘A’ grade.
  4. Design a poster that outlines the regulations of the classroom as well as the penalties for violating them
  5. Generate a list of specific and actionable steps that a student can take to improve their performance in [subject/task]
  6. Create a lesson outline for a lesson on [concept being taught] that includes learning objectives, creative activities, and success criteria.
  7. Create a list of 5 teaching strategies that could be used to engage and challenge students of different ability levels in a lesson on [concept being taught]
  8. Create a list of interactive classroom activities for [concept being taught]
  9. Create a marking scheme for evaluating student writing in line with the [concept being taught]
  10. What difficulties do children have when learning about passive voice?
  11. I need help developing a lesson plan on renewable energy sources for high school students.
  12. Come up with a list of 10 unique qualities to include in a teacher’s resume.

ChatGPT prompts for Food.

  1. Can you help me plan a week’s worth of dinner for two adults
  2. Generate a meal plan for two days and give me the shopping list
  3. I have tomato, lettuce, and broccoli. What can I prepare with them for a vegan lunch?
  4. What is an easy way to make a pasta recipe that features white sauce and mushrooms?
  5. What would be a good bottle of wine to serve with Chicken roast dinner?
  6. I have only three ingredients – Onion, tomato, and spinach. Can you show me 3 meals that i can cook with these ingredients?
  7. What is a good food suggestion for someone who has had a bad day
  8. I am a vegan and I am looking for healthy dinner ideas.
  9. Can you give a dessert suggestion on a stressful day
  10. Suggest a multi-course dinner party menu with winter ingredients
  11. Write a persuasive message to a potential employer explaining my relocation for a chef role.

ChatGPT prompts for Music.

  1. Write a lyrical verse in the style of [artist] about [topic]
  2. Modify the following chord progression to make it more like <according to some directive, like composer or genre>: <Code progression>
  3. Write the lyrics to a song titled [Title of the song]
  4. Write a 12-bar blues chord progression in the key of E
  5. Write chord progressions for a country rock song, with a verse, chorus, and bridge
  6. Create a poem or song for <target audience> that explains <topic of your choice>. The song should have a distinct character and traits for each participant, as well as punctuation such as.,!?, and so on. Make it last as long as possible.
  7. How would you encode the melody to “<Song of your choice>” as MusicXML?
  8. Write a song in the pentatonic scale and 4/4 time to the <artist and song of your choice>
  9. I want to make a music video, but I’m not sure what concept to use. Can you help me come up with a concept?
  10. I want to write a midi file. Can you provide python3 code that writes a simple tune using a for loop to add each note?
  11. Make a song about a programmer and someone who isn’t a programmer.

ChatGPT prompts for Fun.

  1. Tell me a joke about [topic of your choice]
  2. Send a pun-filled happy birthday message to my friend Alex.
  3. Write a sequel/prequel about the ‘X’ movie
  4. Create a new playlist of new song names from ‘X’
  5. write a script for a movie with ‘X’ and ‘X’
  6. Explain [topic of your choice] in a funny way
  7. Give me an example of a proposal message for a girl
  8. Write a short story where an Eraser is the main character.
  9. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  10. Make Eminem-style jokes about Max Payne.
  11. You are a text video game where you give me options ( A, B, C, D) as my choices. The scene is Narnia. I start out with 100 health.
  12. Come up with a 14-day itinerary for a trip to Germany. The first suggested attraction should be “Take a tour of the Reichstag Building in Berlin.
  13. Write a formal complaint email to United Airlines about my delayed baggage from my flight on Tuesday, January 17th, from New York to Los Angeles.
  14. Translate the following text into Portuguese: <paste text below>
  15. Write hilarious fan fiction about the Twilight saga.

ChatGPT prompts for Healthcare and Wellbeing.

  1. List eight items sold at the grocery store that are generally considered to be inexpensive, surprisingly nutritious, and underrated.
  2. Describe six effective yoga poses or stretches for back and neck pain
  3. Can you suggest some self-care activities for stress relief?
  4. What are some mindfulness exercises for reducing anxiety?
  5. Easy and beginner-friendly fitness routines for a working professional
  6. I need motivation to < achieve a specific task or goal>
  7. What are some ways to cultivate a growth mindset?
  8. I need help staying motivated at work. Can you give me advice on how to stay focused and motivated?
  9. Come up with 10 nutritious meals that can be prepared within half an hour or less.
  10. Create a 30-day exercise program that will assist me in dropping 2 lbs every week.
  11. Offer a detailed explanation of the benefits and risks of alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies.

ChatGPT prompts for UX

  1. Generate examples of UI design requirements for a [mobile app]
  2. Generate a typography style guide for a [mobile application] in excel format.
  3. What are the UI cases that need to be considered when designing a [burger menu]
  4. Generate a sample report of a competitor’s [digital watch] by using online customer reviews. For the sake of this analysis, we will focus on product usability
  5. As a designer, what are some gamification techniques I can add to a [language learning app]
  6. How can I design a [law firm website] in a way that conveys [trust and authority]
  7. What are some micro-interactions to consider when designing an [education platform]
  8. Create a text-based excel sheet to input your copy suggestions. Assume you have 3 members in your UX writing team

ChatGPT prompts for AI ART

  1. A photograph of an angry full-bodied wolf in the foggy woods, by Alex Horley-Orlandelli, by Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme, dusk, sepia, 8k, realistic
  2. photo of an extremely cute alien fish swimming on an alien habitable underwater planet, coral reefs, dream-like atmosphere, water, plants, peace, serenity, calm ocean, transparent water, reefs, fish, coral, inner peace, awareness, silence, nature, evolution –version 3 –s 42000 –uplight –ar 4:3 –no text, blur
  3. An illustration of a Viking sitting on a rock, dramatic lighting [ Explain in detail about the picture or ask ChatSonic to write the illustration for you 😉]
  4. Design a modern logo with a sun for a marketing company
  5. Please generate a surreal landscape with bright colors and organic shapes. Include a small figure in the foreground, with their back, turned to the viewer.
  6. Generate a portrait of a person with a dreamy, ethereal quality, using soft pastel colors and flowing lines.
  7. Create an abstract interpretation of a city skyline at night, using geometric shapes and bold, vibrant colors.
  8. Come up with fresh ideas for coffee mug designs. A brand-new approach to holding hot liquids
  9. A stunning close-up illustration of Ana de Armas in a dramatic, dark, and moody style, inspired by the work of Simon Stålenhag, with intricate details and a sense of mystery
  10. How can I create a compelling concept for a series of illustrations [ Describe your vision]?
  11. Create an image description that describes a visually stunning setting that takes place in the year 3030.
  12. How can I create a minimalistic logo that conveys a strong brand image? Give me an example

ChatGPT prompts for Games

  1. Start a game of ’20 Questions.’ You can ask me yes or no questions to try and guess the word I’m thinking of. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a type of fruit.
  2. Let’s play Tic tac Toe.
  3. Let’s play word ladder.
  4. Play Hangman with me.
  5. Let’s Play Mad Libs Game.
  6. Let’s play trivia.
  7. Let’s play ‘Would you rather?’. I’ll give you two options and you have to choose which one you would prefer.
  8. Let’s play ‘two truths and a lie’. Give me three statements about yourself, and I’ll try to guess which one is the lie.
  9. Let’s play a game of ‘I Spy.’ I’ll give you a clue and you have to guess the object I’m thinking of. The clue is: “It’s something you wear on your feet.
  10. Let’s play rock paper scissors
  11. Make a coding challenge about artificial intelligence taking over the world.

ChatGPT prompts for Sales

  1. Create a personalized sales email for a potential customer for my <niche> company selling <product>
  2. Write a cold email to a prospective customer to introduce them to my <niche> company and how it can benefit them with <insert unique selling points>
  3. What product customization would you recommend for this customer? <include customer details below>
  4. What are some creative ways to generate leads for my <niche> company?
  5. What cross-selling opportunities would you recommend for my candle business?

ChatGPT prompt for Analytics

  1. What are the most important KPIs for [insert industry/field]
  2. Can you provide me with the mathematical formulas for the most important KPIs for [insert industry/field]
  3. Can you give the 4 formulas for [metrics] in SQL code?
  4. Generate an example of a transactions dataset that [company] can create
  5. Please write a SWOT analysis for EGO power products

ChatGPT prompts for Email Campaigns

  1. Give me 10 subject lines for my [niche] newsletter
  2. Write the body copy for a promotional email with the subject line: [Your subject line]
  3. Write a follow-up email with the subject line: [Your subject line]
  4. How can I re-engage inactive subscribers on my email list?
  5. How can I use A/B testing to find out the best time to send my emails (and the best frequency)?
  6. How can I fix email deliverability issues caused by recipients’ firewalls?
  7. What are the top trends in [industry] that I can include in my next [Details about your newsletter]?
  8. Translate this email into [Spanish, Chinese, or French, you can ask any other language you want] please. Keep the tone [friendly] and write it like a native.” [Add your email body here]
  9. Please provide tips to improve the deliverability of our weekly [Ecommerce newsletter], making sure it lands in the inbox.
  10. Take the Newsletter below, polish and improve its structure and tone. Make it more [Friendly, Expert Like, Funny, Catchy, You can add any other tone you like] Don’t exceed [X Words]

ChatGPT prompts for Customer Service

  1. Please provide X example phrases that customer service agents can use to display empathy
  2. Please explain how to send an email from “X” to “Y” with the subject “(the topic of your choice)” and the content “Insert template here” using Python
  3. Write an email to inform my clients about a looming downtime of my website due to an upgrade
  4. Please provide a template to explain the standard retail return policy
  5. Give ideas to make my customer receptive to my company’s offers. Provide the answers in bullet points