10 Best Legal AI Tools for Professionals in 2024

10 Best Legal AI Tools for Professionals in 2024

In 2024, legal practices and professionals are increasingly turning to AI to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the accuracy of legal research and document review.

Previous report show that 60% of legal professionals now use some form of AI in their practice, a significant increase from just a few years prior. This surge underscores a pivotal shift: AI tools are no longer optional luxuries but essential instruments in the legal toolkit.

Our list of the top 10 Legal AI tools for 2024 is designed to help legal professionals navigate this landscape, offering insights into each tool’s unique benefits and how they can transform your practice.

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These AI tools are transforming the legal landscape by automating routine tasks, enhancing accuracy, and providing deep insights that were previously challenging and time-consuming. Legal professionals who leverage these tools can gain a competitive edge, improve their service delivery, and better meet the evolving needs of their clients.

1. LexisNexis AI

LexisNexis AI

Source: LexisNexis AI

LexisNexis AI is a cutting-edge legal AI assistant from LexisNexis, designed to streamline legal work by drafting, summarizing, researching, and responding like a trusted colleague. It represents a significant advancement in legal AI, aiming to lighten the legal legwork with its interactive capabilities​​.


  • Simplified AI search experience that quickly resolves issues with confidence​​.
  • AI-Powered Legal Research offering law insights and information via leading legal analytics tools.
  • Practical Guidance with practice notes, checklists, annotated forms, templates, and expert advice.
  • Strategic Brief Analysis to strengthen arguments with research recommendations and Shepard’s® analysis​​.


  • Free trial available
  • Custom pricing depending on the user needs

2. ROSS Intelligence

ROSS Intelligence

Source: ROSS Intelligence

ROSS Intelligence is an AI-driven legal research platform designed to enhance lawyers’ capabilities and efficiency. It allows users to perform in-depth legal research quickly by utilizing natural language processing.

Users can ask legal questions in colloquial language, similar to how they would consult with a colleague, making the search process more intuitive and efficient. This tool focuses on providing relevant and authoritative answers to legal queries, streamlining the legal research process for law firms and legal professionals​​.


  • Simplifies the research process by allowing users to input questions in natural language.
  • Enhances the strength of legal arguments by finding other cases with similar language.
  • Checks for overturned and questioned treatments in legal documents and automatically summarizes cases in the context of the query.
  • Quickly identifies cases that have been overturned or criticized, ensuring the reliability of legal research​​.
  • ROSS’s AI technology is adept at finding highly relevant case law, often uncovering critical cases that traditional research tools might miss​​.


  • Has a 14-Day free trial
  • Prices range from $69 to $89 per month.

3. Casetext CoCounsel

Casetext CoCounsel

Source: Casetext CoCounsel

Casetext’s CoCounsel, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, is designed to serve as an AI legal assistant, offering an advanced level of reading, comprehension, and writing capabilities tailored for the legal industry.

This tool supports lawyers by handling a variety of tasks, from contract review and policy compliance to drafting correspondence and legal memos, significantly reducing the time required for these activities.

CoCounsel is highlighted for its ability to process and analyze large volumes of documents quickly, providing detailed insights and recommendations, thereby enabling lawyers to focus on more strategic aspects of their work​​.


  • Analyzes contracts for compliance with policies, identifying risks and suggesting revisions.
  • Quickly generates customized legal letters and emails based on user-provided details.
  • Offers comprehensive legal research and document review capabilities, providing explanations and supporting sources for legal questions.
  • Assists in creating thorough deposition outlines by identifying relevant topics and drafting questions.
  • Extracts key information from contracts, facilitating a detailed review and analysis​​​​.


  • Free trial plan is available
  • Interested parties are required to contact sales to choose the plan that meet their needs.

4. Blue J Legal

Blue J Legal

Source: Blue J Legal

Blue J Legal employs AI to accurately predict legal outcomes, particularly in the areas of tax and employment law. The platform is designed to improve efficiency and response times for legal professionals by providing tools for enhanced research, expedited drafting, and faster turnaround on client questions.

Utilizing generative AI technology, Blue J Legal offers a suite of features including Classifiers, Case Finders, and Case Analytics, aiming to bring clarity and insight to complex legal scenarios​​​​.


  • Leverages an extensive database of curated tax content and AI technology to rapidly surface relevant source materials.
  • Allows for the quick creation of memos or client emails, with the ability to summarize, expand, or reformat drafts.
  • Utilize machine learning to predict court rulings based on provided scenarios, complete with confidence levels and links to similar cases.
  • Search for and analyze relevant cases based on facts, enhancing the ability to find authoritative sources quickly​​​​.


  • The specific pricing details are not provided in their website.

5. LegalSifter


Source: LegalSifter

LegalSifter is designed to significantly enhance the efficiency of contract review processes. It integrates AI with legal expertise to quickly and accurately review contracts. This combination aids in identifying crucial clauses and potential issues, thereby streamlining contract negotiation and compliance processes.


  • Offers contract advice within minutes, using AI to identify key issues and provide guidance on them.
  • Integrates expert advice from contract professionals directly into the contract review process, ensuring users don’t accept risky provisions.
  • Works with various applications and can be connected to existing contract lifecycle management software, making it accessible and easy to integrate into current workflows​​.
  • Merges AI’s speed and scalability with human expertise to ensure high-quality contract reviews, driving consistency and compliance across the organization​​.


  • Essentials Edition: Starts at $28 per month, providing self-service, out-of-the-box AI contract review.
  • Professional Edition: Begins at $101 per month, offering a deeply configurable, self-service AI contract review.
  • Concierge Edition: Starts at $227 per month, including full-service contract reviews with a lawyer.
  • Combo Edition: Begins at $135 per month, combining self-service and full-service contract review

6. Ravel Law

Ravel Law

Source: Ravel Law

Ravel Law is a legal research tool that revolutionizes the way attorneys conduct legal research by utilizing visualization techniques to display case law relationships and judicial analytics. This platform aims to make legal research more intuitive and efficient, offering a unique approach compared to traditional legal research methods.


  • Offers a comprehensive database and an efficient way of analyzing cases through data visualization.
  • Utilizes cluster maps to showcase their connections, enhancing the speed and quality of legal research.
  • “Your Judge, Unraveled”: A novel feature that provides insights into judges’ ruling patterns, aiding lawyers in understanding potential influences on their decisions​

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic plan available for free.
  • Additional plans starting at $100 per month.

7. Humata AI

Humata AI

Source: Humata AI

Humata AI represents a significant advancement in AI-powered document analysis and information retrieval, particularly useful for the legal sector. This platform is designed to transform the way legal professionals interact with extensive case files, legal documents, and research materials. By enabling users to query complex data sets and receive instant, digestible answers, Humata AI streamlines the process of legal research and case preparation.


  • Quickly distils complex legal documents into concise summaries, making it easier to grasp essential details without extensive reading.
  • Offers real-time answers to specific legal queries based on the content of uploaded documents, enhancing the efficiency of legal research and case analysis.
  • Aids in the creation of legal briefs, reports, and analyses by generating new content from the data within uploaded files, significantly speeding up the document creation process​​​​.


  • Free Plan available
  • Student Plan: $1.99 per month
  • Expert Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Team Plan: $99 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing.

8. LawGeex


Source: LawGeex

LawGeex is a leading solution in the legal tech industry, revolutionizing how legal teams handle contract reviews. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to automate the process, ensuring contracts are reviewed and redlined accurately and efficiently according to a company’s predefined policies.

LawGeex combines the precision of AI with the nuanced understanding of experienced attorneys, making the contract review process faster, more consistent, and less prone to error.


  • Utilizes patented AI technology for reviewing and redlining legal documents, understanding contractual context and negotiating with counterparties.
  • Transforms legal positions, risks, and guidelines into digital formats for standardized contract review across the organization.
  • Provides metrics and insights for data-driven decision-making regarding legal policies and negotiation processes.
  • Combines AI with human legal expertise for a balance of speed, accuracy, and nuanced understanding in contract reviews​​​​​​.


  • Pricing plans are not publicly available on their website

9. PatentPal


PatentPal is a generative AI platform designed to transform the way intellectual property professionals and inventors manage and create patent applications.

Founded by Harvard alumni with expertise in patent law and machine learning, PatentPal leverages advanced AI to automate the language generation for patent applications, simplifying the drafting process.

The platform aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of patent creation, making it accessible and manageable for its users to navigate the intricate world of intellectual property​​.


  • Automates mechanical writing in patent applications, streamlining the creation process.
  • Users can easily input claims, generate specifications and figures with one click, and export drafts into Word and Visio (or PowerPoint).
  • Offers the ability to customize generated phrases according to user preferences, ensuring the final patent application aligns with the inventor’s specific language and technical requirements​​.
  • Produces flowcharts for methods, block diagrams for systems and devices, detailed descriptions, and abstracts to support all claims​​.


  • Free plan available
  • Custom pricing

10. Detangle.ai


Source: Detangle.ai

Detangle.ai is an AI-powered tool that provides a revolutionary approach to simplifying legal documents. By generating easy-to-understand summaries, Detangle.ai helps users grasp the complex legal jargon found in various types of legal documents.

It’s designed to support lawyers, business owners, and law students by saving them time and making the comprehension process more efficient. l​​​


  • Offers concise, easy-to-understand summaries of legal documents.
  • Converts complex legal text into simplified language, making it accessible to non-experts.
  • Ideal for professionals who need to quickly understand the key points and implications of legal documents.
  • Works with documents in multiple formats, including PDFs, webpages, and text, ensuring versatility in its application​​​​.


  • Employs a simple, one-off pricing model based on the length of the document being summarized. Prices range from $19 to $199 USD per document.

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Wrapping up, the advent of AI in the legal sector marks a transformative era, offering tools that promise efficiency, precision, and strategic depth for legal practices. For legal professionals eager to stay at the forefront of innovation, embracing these technologies is imperative.

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